(4) Teacher notes.

This online resource is designed for students in grade 3, 4 and 5 which can be integrated into the curriculum to meet level 2 and 3 learning outcomes in the PNG context. Although it’s in the PNG context, there are external links for further research to consolidate students’ skills, knowledge and understanding of basic concepts on water pollution from a global perspective. The learning outcomes from the following Key Learning Areas can be integrated into the curriculum:

Society and environment.

Level outcomes.

2.04 Investigate ways people’s activities are influenced by the location and physical features of the environment.

 3.04 Value how and why people manage resources and explore ways to conserve resources.


2.03 Research the effects of change on living things, the environment and human activities.


2.02 The student engages in the technology process to produce an information product  that uses a variety of techniques and equipment.


3.03 Read a wide variety of texts and demonstrate an ability to retell and analyze texts.

3.04 Use and manipulate various text types and begin to consider audience when writing
about a range of familiar topics

3.05 Correctly use basic conventions of spelling, punctuation and grammar when writing.

Prior Knowledge- The student activities require a certain level of students’ competency in using computers. Students have to utilize their basic skills and knowledge in surfing the site, including using a mouse, conduct basic internet research, and follow the links provided. Basic typing skills and using the menu functions and icons of various software programs are necessary skills to complete these online activities. Teachers are expected to guide students to think at different levels, and provide students with the opportunity to use different thinking and questioning skills, including recalling, comprehending, analysing, synthesising and evaluating information. Essentially, teachers have to complete the set activities prior to using them in class in order to align it with task and assessment requirements. Also, teachers have to scaffold individual students learning where appropriate.