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Task 4: Cause and Effect map. 

(1) Imagine that you are the principal landowner of a mine site in Papua New Guinea.The mining company wants to continue mining on your land by signing a new contract for the next three years.The mine company has already caused enormous destruction, including water pollution and environmental damages.In particular,water pollution has been seriously affecting the lives of humans, plants as well as animals.The rivers, streams, lakes and the nearby sea are also deteriorating due to the contamination of water,through various sources.

  (2) Before signing the new contract between the government,your people and the mining company,you are tasked to carry out a simple feasibility study on the cause and effect of water pollution in the surrounding villages at the mine.

  (3) Use the sample pdf document of the cause and effect chart below to present your findings.

  (4) Use the links below to get more ideas on the causes and effects of water pollution.

  (5) Type your information in word document and save it into your water pollution folder. The word document has the cause and effect map to help you sort out your ideas.


Water pollution
Water Pollution:Cause and effects.
Causes and effects of water pollution.
Water pollution solutions.
Mine accused of environmental damage.

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