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Task 5: Inquiry research task.

.    (1) Use the PowerPoint research template to do an inquiry research  on water pollution.

      (2) Follow the prompts and the instruction on the PowerPoint template to do your inquiry research.

      (3) You are required to use the rubric assessment criteria to guide you throughout your research.

      (4) Type a big inquiry question for your research.

      (5) Type your collated information in the PowerPoint template.

      (6) You can make changes using the other features of PowerPoint after publishing your information.

      (7) You can use the external links below to do your inquiry research to collect and collate information.

      (8) Save your work in your water pollution folder.

.     (9) Print your work and give it to your teacher for display. Alternatively, you can present it to the class.  If you present your work, your teacher             will assess you using the criteria.


                                       Environmental issues
                                  Pollution Effects on Humans, Animals, Plants and The Environment. 
 Water pollution database.
                                   Water pollution and society

Water wise information



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