About this site.
water pollution

The water pollution in Papua New Guinea site is an online teaching and learning resource that will coincide with level 2 and 3 (grade 3, 4 and 5 equivalent) learning outcomes using our International Education Agency (IEA) curriculum in Papua New Guinea. The site is purposefully designed to educate students about water as an important resource and to create awareness on the preventative measures on water pollution in Papua New Guinea.

Specifically, the site is closely linked to the Society and Environment, the living things strand in Science, Technology and the English curriculum areas in the Papua New Guinea context. However, external learning opportunities are integrated to look at water pollution as a global issue. Also, this site provides opportunities for students to  become inquisitive learners when dealing with the real problems of water pollution, including  the real causes and effects of water pollution. Most importantly, the activities aim to develop students' knowledge, skills and understanding of basic concepts in the identified content areas whilst at the same time enhancing their literacy and ICT skillls.