water pollution picture pollution pollution water pollution

Task one-Pros,cons and question (PCQ) chart.

1. Create a folder and name it ‘Water Pollution’. All your files will be saved in this folder as you work through the activities.

2. Use the links below to get information on water pollution in the Madang province of Papua New Guinea.

The site gives you information on a mine in Papua New Guinea which can dump its waste in the sea. After a legal battle to stop it was abandoned, that mine can now proceed to dump millions of tonnes into the sea of Papua New Guinea. Think of the economical benefits of the mine, including royalties that will be paid to land owners, the company paying tax to the government and the government profiting from the mine. On the other hand, investigate the long term effects of dumping waste into the sea, including contamination of water with toxic waste and the sea becoming too polluted for people to use its resources.

3. You will access the word document to type the answer under each column (pros, cons and questions) by using the format embedded in the word document. You will write 3 to 5 statements under each column in your PCQ chart. To get you started, the first one is done for you as an example.

4. Give your document a name and save it into your ‘Water Pollution’ folder.


                    Mine given green light to dump waste

                    Mine dumping plaintiff worried for safety

                    Plaintiffs withdraw from PNG mine challenge

                    Plaintiffs disappear in PNG waste dumping waste

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