Tabubil International School

Newman Road Tabubil Papua New Guinea

PO Box 408 Tabubil Papua New Guinea





TIS has approximately 300 students enrolled, comprising approximately 85% Papua New Guinean students; the remaining students are drawn from the immediate region and across the world.

Children start the Primary School at approximately five years old in the Prep Class from where students move to Grade One and thus through the school.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Early Years (Pre School ) Programme - Children can enter the Early Years programme from 2 years of age. Primary School - Children must be five years old before 1st April of the year of entry into Primary School in the Prep Class. A child will usually not have turned 7 by the 1st. of April in the year of enrolment to be eligible for Prep. For guidance on usual admission ages contact the school or see below.

ENROLMENT PROCEDURE parents should complete an Enrolment Form for each child who is to be enrolled. This form includes a blanket approval for each child to participate in all school activities, including sports and physical education (which includes swimming at the Town swimming pool). Parents will be notified of details before any excursion or trip away from the school is undertaken. Permission slips must be signed by at least one parent or legal guardian and returned to school by the stated date for students to be allowed to go on excursions.

NEW STUDENTS and CLASS PALCEMENT Upon enrolment into the school the new student will be placed in a class according to age, and development level, taking into consideration the student's previous years of documented formal schooling and work from previous schools; a thorough assessment and close monitoring will be carried out in the first instance by the class teacher. Class names may cause confusion as PNG, Australia and other countries use differing terminology for school years. As Australian states also have a variety of starting dates for the first year of formal schooling an exact correspondence with the IEA system is difficult (and the source of some confusion!). We will place students in the class that is most appropriate for them based upon their age and schooling history.

ENROLMENT AGE CRITERIA: A GUIDELINE (Birth dates between 31 March and 1 April of the year of enrolment)

KINDY: 3 years before 1st April, not older than 5 by 1st April

RECEPTION: 4 years before 1st April, not older than 6 by 1st April

PREP: 5 years before 1st April, not older than 7 by 1st April

GRADE 1: 6 years before 1st April, not older than 8 by 1st April

GRADE 2: 7 years before 1st April, not older than 9 by 1st April

GRADE 3: 8 years before 1st April, not older than 10 by 1st April

GRADE 4: 9 years before 1st April, not older than 11 by 1st April

GRADE 5: 10 years before 1st April, not older than 12 by 1st April

GRADE 6: 11 years before 1st April, not older than 13 by 1st April

*GRADE 7: 12 years before 1st April, not older than 14 by 1st April

* Note enrolment into Grade 7 is conditional upon places being available

Full Enrolment Policy

2012 Enrolment Application Form (for new students)

2012 Re-enrolment Form (for current students only)


TIS is an OTML and IEA Partnership